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Foil Stamping: Understanding Its Process And Advantages

Why Foil Stamping?

Have you ever wondered how that shiny, metallic lettering gets put on books, pencils, photographs and napkins? Well, it is done by using a foil stamper, sometimes referred to as a hot stamping machine. Mainly they are used for putting names on logos, books and much more.

Foil Stamping printing machines are commonly used for putting names on books, logos on matchbooks and much more. Thus, if you are in search of a unique, yet professional way to boost your business materials, then now is the time to begin using hot stamping. This customizable process which has been around for many years, but only a few of the business can be able to grab its advantages, but today it has become a most popular choice for a long list of businesses who is in search to stand out from the business competition.

Unlike embossing, it also helps in adding dimension to any piece of paper which allows you to create a custom look for your company logo, mailed items and much more. Essentially a foil stamper uses heat, lettering and fail to stamp letters and logos onto a solid surface, but now using a foil stamping machine is far easier than it may initially seem. Even several machines are also available in a wide array of sizes, thus depending on the requirements, it can be done.

For customized names, individual letters can be selected with tweezers (due to heat) and inserted into the type selector. Manual operation is ideal for low to medium-volume use and pneumatic operation are ideal for medium to high-volume use.

Dino Print is a company dedicated to quality foil stamping printing and a variety of other printed materials in an efficient manner required for you and your business.