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How Can I Make Use of Door Hangers?

Benefits of Door Hangers

Use of Door Hangers

Door hangers are one of the many promotional tools that you can use to market your brand, products or services. They’re easy to produce as well as mobile and affordable. But how exactly can you bring them to your advantage?

Best way to advertise

Door hangers are small pieces of printed material that are typically hung on door knobs or handles. They usually advertise new/promotional goods and services, or simply make a business known to others.

Usually, these hangers are hung on the business’ own place of operation for customers to notice them while passing through the doors. The most common businesses who use door hangers are service and hospitality businesses like restaurants and hotels. These hangers usually showcase the business’ latest services, events and promotions.

Of course, door hangers are not limited to these establishments. Other service providers can also use door hangers to promote their offerings, and merchandise businesses can highlight their goods as well.

It is not necessary that door hangers are limited to places of operation as well. They can also be distributed to partners, affiliate businesses, suppliers and consumers to expand your marketing influence. With permission, you can also distribute them in homes so they can be hung on doorsteps for consumers to browse through.

Promotional Door Hangers

They are particularly useful to new startups so that consumers and potential stakeholders can get to know the company in hindsight. A brief background, history, and presentation of offerings will help people get to know what your company is about. Existing businesses also use them to introduce new promotions and announce new information. It also helps remind consumers about the products or services you offer.

Because door hangers have less space on them compared to brochures and flyers, it may be tempting to try and cram everything you want to say in them. However, it’s better to refrain from doing so. The best way to approach door hanger design is to make them clear, concise and easy on the eyes.

With the right design techniques and effective content, you can easily incorporate door hanger into your marketing arsenal at low cost.

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