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3 Color Scheme Ideas for Your Next Room Decal Project

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Decal are one of the newest trends in room decoration – they’re affordable, easy to apply and remove, vibrant, and come in an infinite amount of designs to choose from. Here are some ideas on color schemes and decorations to inspire you on your next room redecoration ventures.

Cream, Beige, and Brown

These muted hues are simple, natural, but elegant. Because of the neutrality of these colors, there is a lot of flexibility in pairing your decals with your interior. You can go for a simple and classy design with just stick-on decal quotes or neutral curves and waves, or you can go rustic and pair your wooden furniture with decals of trees, landscape silhouettes, or short sayings. A great advantage of this design is that the decals are easy to find and that you can cut the amount of work if you already have a neutral hue as your room paint or wallpaper.

Shades of Gray Paired with a Vibrant Hue

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Gray is a neutral color that comes in a wide variety of shades that are flexible and easily paired with other colors. Gray can be a depressing color due to its muted tone, but it goes quite well when paired effectively with warm colors like cream or beige. Adding a hint of color like aqua or pink together with a bold accent like black adds life to the room. In fact, the muted grays serve to enhance the vibrant quality of the colors. Watercolor-inspired decals are an excellent example of simplicity and class.

Pastel Shades of Earth Colors

Earth colors are what you call the natural, near-neutral colors in the palette. Brown, green, and blue are among these. Pastel colors or light shades of olive, mauve, brown, beige, periwinkle and sage can give your room an ethereal vibe. Pairing these colors with antique white, cream, or ivory can create a fairy tale forest effect. Pairing decals in these colors, as well as pastel shades like peach with designs like animals or flowers is great for a cute vibe. You can also go for a vintage look by mixing it up with brown, royal red, maroon, and deep blue. There are many great vintage-themed decals out there, including inspiring quotes and witty phrases that would fit your personality.

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