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The Pros of Gloss Finish on Brochures

Choose The Right Paper For Your Brochures

When it comes to marketing materials, printing on regular paper does the job. But if that is so, how come many organisations opt to add gloss to their brochures? Here are some reasons why gloss finish is preferred by many.

It’s Already Expected

The concept of adding either a gloss or matte finish is already so common that consumers have already gotten used to them. It is a natural reaction for people to expect the same for your materials. Some consumers may even perceive materials without finishes to be an act of cutting costs. Gloss finish is more affordable than matte and enhances the consumer’s impression of your company without hurting the budget.

It Brings Out Colors

Bold and deep hues are brought out to their full potential with gloss finish. Bright colors like red and yellow look more vibrant, while deep colors like blue and indigo look richer. The way that your materials reflect light will also enhance visuals. Gloss finish is great with graphics and gives more life to your pictures.

Right Paper For Your Brochures

Gloss Brochures is Budget-Friendly

As opposed to matte finish, gloss is relatively more affordable and does the job just as well. You can achieve a professional look in your marketing materials without going over budget.

It Stands Out Easily

Because of the gloss finish, your brochures will easily reflect light and help them stand out. This attractive shine will help give you an edge from others, especially when paired with vibrant and appealing graphics.

It’s Resilient

Because of the smooth variable, marks are less likely to be visible on your marketing materials. Bending, scratching, and wearing out will not be easily noticed and will lengthen the duration of your material’s quality.

It’s Nice to the Touch

Not only will your brochure look good, it will also feel smooth. This will help in creating and maintaining an impression on your audience. Touch is also associated with memory, and thus they will be more likely to retain items in your content.

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